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Straight and obligations in the use of our services

 The Web Hosting is served by

In future reference to the person will be made who contract anyone of the services of as “the Subscriber?. The use of the contracted services estimates the acceptance of the following conditions.


The vps web hosting services contracted with must be used exclusively with allowed aims. It is strictly prohibited the use of anyone of the services contracted with that break any local Law, national or international. 

While he uses the services contracted with, the subscriber will not be able: 

· To disclose or to transmit illegal, abusive, slanderous, obscene, racist, offensive, pornographic information or any other type of susceptible information of objection, or through advertising photographies, texts, banners or external page connections, as well as to publish, to transmit, to reproduce, to distribute or to operate any information or software that contains virus or any other harmful component, software or another hacked into material, to infringe rights of intellectual property, to publish or to facilitate material or resources on hacking, cracking, or any other consideresusceptible information that, still potentially, to affect the normal operation, the security and/or integrity of any system.

. Any use of the system for illicit aims will be able to suspend the services contracted without previous warning.

2. REFUSAL OR DISCONTINUITY IN THE SERVICE reserves the right to deny or to interrupt the services contracted by the subscriber with or without previous notification if the subscriber incurs any conduct or activity that considers that it violates some of the terms, norms and conditions set out here, with or without previous warning and not taking responsibility of the consequences that could be for this reason. 


The shipment of publicity asked for by e-mail and in massive form is not considered Spam.

You must include a form to subscribe or to desuscribir itself by an automatic system (Ready of Post office), people bother much before the Spam and send complaints to the provedores. Due to this we must assume a strict position with respect to the Spam.

The subscriber commits himself not to transmit publicity asked for through email or any other means in Internet not being publicized any services provided with accomodations with The breach of this point will entail to the immediate suspension and without previous warning, of the contracted services. 


In the accounts of hosting that have their own directory cgi-bin, the subscriber it can install and execute scripts that considers opportune. However, reserves the right to deactivate any script or software installed by the subscriber who affects to the normal operation of the servants and harms other clients who provide with accomodations sites in the same. 


In the case of consuming more resources of the normal thing, will communicate with the subscriber in order to find a solution on the matter. 


The Websites whose intention is the distribution of archives (ex. galleries of photos, MP3, bookstores of programs to lower, etc.) will be considered case by case.

A site will be able to be considered thus, when more of 20% of its content, is dedicated to archives for distribution


All the plans of hosting include a guaranteed amount of monthly traffic.

As example, no of our clients exceeds the monthly transference that him otrorga; between FTP, email and webpages. In order to protect the integrity of our service of webhosting, any individual site that surpasses the assigned monthly traffic, will notify it and it will invoice the excess to him of consumed traffic.


The consultations to our Support are due to realise through form of consultations, in the section Support of our Web or through [email protected] e-mail

These consultations are processed within the 24/48 hours. of received the same, Monday through Friday of 9 to 18 hours.

9. PAYMENT HOSTING (hosting) 

As much for the hosting as for the other services as development and installation of scripts and design of websites, the client must in advance pay the costs corresponding to the contracted service. In the case of “hosting? or the lack ferocity of sites, that have certain determined periods of collection, (from the 1 to the 5 of every month) the client is forced to inform to about any change that takes place in its way of payment.

In case could not make cash the payment with the antecedents provided by the client, it will be able to terminate or to block weather permanently or the access to this, without needing previous warning of no type. will always warn the client about this situation in case of taking place, giving a term (normally 5 days) to regularize the situation. 


The contract of hosting renews automatically according to the contracted period.

The suspension of the account on the part of the subscriber will have to indicate in writing at least 30 days before date of conclusion of the contracted period.

11. CONFIDENTIALITY will maintain the confidentiality and the security of the information facilitated by the subscriber for the collection of the service, as it is described in the Law of Protection of Data. is committed not to send publicity except for express acceptance on the part of the Subscriber. The notification is excluded from change of prices or characteristics of the supplied services or the internal notifications between the subscriber and

12. MODIFICATIONS reserves the right to introduce modifications in the characteristics and prices of the plans and/or supplied services. All notification that affects to the technical characteristics of the supplied services will directly take place through our webpages in Internet, so dont hesitate to make deal with us because we have the cheapest unlimited web hosting.

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